Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes

Gluten free pancakes can be a bitch. Not enough binder and you’ll end up with scrambled muffin, too much and you’ll have rubbery little disks. I’ve eaten a lot of rubbery scrambled panmuffins… Continue reading

Thoughts Against the Local Movement

I get anxious in grocery stores. Don’t get me wrong. I love food. Cooking it. Eating it. But take this conundrum: You want a head of lettuce. The store sells three options. 1)… Continue reading

19 pairs of tights: musings of sentimentality & hoarding

For a change of pace. I’m not going to rant about animal welfare. Instead on this fine December eve, beer in hand, I’d like to talk about something very prevalent in my thoughts… Continue reading

UBC Animal Research – Field Trip – pt. 2

Refer below to pt.1 or this rant won’t make sense. (Do I ever?) Okay. So I was slightly dreading the tour. Obviously I wouldn’t miss such an opportunity for the world, but similar… Continue reading

UBC Animal Research – Field Trip – pt. 1

So last week I had the opportunity to tour the UBC Animal Care Centre.Now, before you get excited warm fuzzies about baby raccoons in cribs or whatever comes to mind, I should note… Continue reading

Term Project: Hen Welfare

So for my animal welfare class I’m writing my term paper on the comparative welfare of laying hens within common commercial housing systems (i.e. cages, free run/aviaries, free range) and part of the… Continue reading

Commercial Chicken (meat) Operation

So last week or perhaps the week before (where does the time go?) I had the opportunity to visit a commercial chicken (meat) operation in Abbotsford, BC. It was a field trip as… Continue reading

Yo! (gurt) …. of the vegan variety…

For the past few months I’ve been experimenting with making my own non-dairy yogurts. Actually I take that back. I’ve been experimenting over the past few YEARS but only had success until recently.… Continue reading


So there’s been this article going around from the Guardian that highlights how the rapid rise in popularity of quinoa has driven up prices in Bolivia and now they can no longer afford… Continue reading

Christmas Carrot Pudding & A Vegan Holiday Menu

Firstly I’d like to commend CTV W5 for this awesome (horrific) feature: This is nothing new, but rarely does it come into the mainstream. Great job CTV. And now that you’re sufficiently… Continue reading

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