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Going in Circles: Caveats of Enviro Policy in Canadian Parliament

Let’s talk politics. Specifically let’s talk about the Canadian electoral system and how it affects climate policy. Yes! Fun! So here in the great North we have what’s called a Single Member Plurality… Continue reading

Thoughts Against the Local Movement

I get anxious in grocery stores. Don’t get me wrong. I love food. Cooking it. Eating it. But take this conundrum: You want a head of lettuce. The store sells three options. 1)… Continue reading

19 pairs of tights: musings of sentimentality & hoarding

For a change of pace. I’m not going to rant about animal welfare. Instead on this fine December eve, beer in hand, I’d like to talk about something very prevalent in my thoughts… Continue reading


So there’s been this article going around from the Guardian that highlights how the rapid rise in popularity of quinoa has driven up prices in Bolivia and now they can no longer afford… Continue reading

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