Growing up in the Pacific Northwest of Canada, I’ve always been passionate about food, the environment and animal welfare. I spent many years of my youth dreaming and planning a career in musical theatre or opera but my doubts led me on a trip through India, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand after which I was inspired to pursue my true passion. I began my Bachelor of Science in Global Resources Systems, in the faculty of Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

At UBC I became involved with a student run food cooperative called Sprouts. The organization aims to promote healthful, sustainably sourced food at affordable prices (and sometimes free!) With over 150 volunteers, Sprouts runs a cafe/grocery store, a local/organic style produce box program delivered by bike, workshops and a free lunch that diverts food waste. During my time on the board I helped found a new volunteer-run restaurant and cafe called Seedlings. The business was my baby and an incredible learning experience.

My study of sustainable food systems has ranged from many, many courses in Food and Resource Economics to animal welfare science and ethics to nutrition, food science and environmental policy. My studies led me back to Indonesia this past Spring (2014) to learn the method of Monitoring and Evaluation for Timely Response. A method for evaluating and improving development projects. While stomping through the jungle I became particularly interested/horrified in the paradox of conservation and food security. How do we feed the world and alleviate poverty without mowing down all the forests?

I am currently on exchange at the University of Copenhagen studying agroforestry, ethnobotany, soil fertility, and tropical botany.

I hope to inspire others to reflect on their food habits, and eat less meat for the sake of animals and the environment. Livestock production is extremely land, water and carbon intensive; we could feed millions more people and lessen environmental degradation by shifting towards a plant-based diet. Yeah, I’ll preach it.

I love to bake, and use this space to post my recipes amidst rants and musings of sustainable food and living as well as stories from my travels.