Field trip!

Dear Santa,

For xmas I would like a pet turkey.

Please and thank-you,


So a couple weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting two animal Sanctuaries in Mission BC.

The first was called SAINTS (Senior Animal in Need Today) and is home to about 150 animals from dogs and cats to goats, cows and even an alpaca. Saints was started to provide an alternative for animals in shelters who would otherwise be put down simply because nobody wants them. For example old dogs, or special needs dogs such as those with paralyzation or blindness.

The “farm” animals are usually products of factory farming such as the hen who ended up at the processing factory still alive among the corpses and thanks to the workers eventually found herself at Saints where she will live what is left of her short life (commercial hens, bred for productivity, have such compromised immune systems that they rarely live past a year. Heritage breeds will live up to 7.)

Paraplegic Max: the most friendly and enthusiastic dog I’ve ever met!

Emily the Sterile Dairy Cow As a sterile cow born into the dairy industry Emily was sent to the auction to become veal where she was bought by the sanctuary…. We had a moment….


Gilbert the Goat

The second sanctuary was Hearts on Noses and was specifically for pigs. The majority were pot-bellied pigs but there were also a handful yorkshire (meat breed) pigs. Just like dog breeders perpetuate the problem of homeless dogs, pig breeders have created an excess of pot-belly pigs. Unlike dogs, shelters will not take them.

As the 4th most intelligent animal pigs can make awesome pets but they can also be a handful- with the intelligence of a 3 year old child, you can imagine the mischief they get up to. So they end up homeless. Lucky ones find themselves at Heart on Noses.

I LOVE pigs. Probably my favourite animal. Maybe second after chickens.


We’ll get to that.

Pigs have human-like eyes and cry tears.

Comet and I. I tried to do a selfy with him and dropped my phone in the mud.

There were also two horses.

What happens to thoroughbreds who don’t want to be ridden?


Piggy playing with horses!

Shout out to UBC Activists for Animals for organizing this awesome field trip!

But seriously Santa. Turkey. He will be named Arnold. Or Gladys if she’s a girl.